High bandwidth usage Raspberry pi 3

Hi ,
i’ve a little problem with my raspberry pi 3 and a fresh install of osmc.

When my pi is on, my internet connection is much slower, youtube puts me in automatic reading in 144p and I can not read anything in 1080p or 720p.

When i ifconfig, i’ve 2Go down and 1Go up in a night .

Any tweaks or something to improve the bandwidth consumption ?

OSMC by itself doesn’t use any significant internet bandwidth (ifconfig obviously will show your LAN traffic). So this either must be some addon/software you have installed or a Trojan that took over your Pi.

So you could either:

  1. Provide full logs via grab-logs -A and maybe we spot something
  2. Install tcpdump to identify what traffic is happening
  3. Do a clean reinstall

Before blitzing the system you could also install iftop and/or nethogs. Iftop will give you a real-time idea of traffic to and from IP addresses and nethogs will give you details on a per-process basis.

My bad it’s the aerial screen saver who’s using all the bandwith , forgot to remove it …

hi corentin

what program did you use to check which process is using bandwidth?

Getting error with nethogs

creating socket failed while establishing local IP - are you root?


Did you try sudo nethogs?

Didn’t do a thing and now it work…

Thx for help , i’ll post here if same thing still happen

yeah using sudo

seems its an issue with version 0.8.0

Just installed it on my Vero 4K (version 0.8.0) and it works fine. What platform are you on?

raspberry pi 3

do you just run

sudo nethogs

Do you need any other parameters.

Forum says its fixed in version 0.8.1 but have to build it yourself?

It defaults to eth0 if you don’t specify a network device.