High CPU temperature leading to crash

My Vero 4K+ started to crash due to high temperatures but I can’t seem to pinpoint what the issue is. Before I reinstall OSMC and everything, I thought I’d ask if anyone has an idea of what’s causing it.

As you can see from the logs below, something happened at “2020-01-03 09:43:xx” which made the CPU temperature go through the roof and eventually the box to crash. However, I wasn’t even at home at the time of the crash and nobody had touched the box. The logs shows “ERROR: Control 1001 in window 13001 has been asked to focus, but it can’t” around the same time but I have no idea what that means and whether that could be the culprit. Any ideas?

Full logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/wilafahumu
CPU Temperature: http://paste.osmc.io/lirapebafu.css

Looks like Plex got in to some kind of a loop…

What in the logs makes you say that?

The library scan messages

Thanks, I’ll try and re-install the Plex component.

I actually found out what was causing this and thought I’d post it here in case others come by this thread.

So the issue appears with the Arctic Zephyr 2 skin (maybe others too) when you’re hovering over a movie with a plot that’s too long to show at once, so it starts scrolling. The scrolling will gradually increase CPU temperatures and at some point the critical limit is hit and the box will crash.

That’s surprising, but good news.
We have GPU based thermal limiting in our 4.9 kernel (which you may wish to try). This should solve the issue for you and allow you to keep running this skin.

Please give it a go if you can

Alright, I just updated to the 4.9 kernel and I’m still getting high temperatures (stays around 110 with the OSMC skin and a bit lower with AZ2 skin) but not high enough to cause a shutdown, so that’s good.

By the way, the issue wasn’t related to the skin I used because I was able to reproduce it with the default OSMC skin before upgrading.