High cpu usage and choppy video krypton


since updating to new OSMC release the idle cpu usage of kodi is 100% when playing mp3/music its 100% and during video its same. I am using it on Rpi 1 B, after ocerclocking it with highest setting the choppiness seems to have gone away and cpu usage is 90%+ for kodi. After stopping a video/music the redrawn phase is slow and everything seems slow but smoothes after 5+ secs.

here are logs


i added advancedsettings and tested with some parameters as well as can be seen in log.

I had no problem of this kind in previous release…

i will be happy to help, if some testing is needed.

just saw that after sometime(10 mins) the cpu usage goes down significantly(20% idle, 50 % when something is on) when idle and when playing anything. will test tomorrow without overclocking with default clock settings.

If you just updated, the updates of addins etc in the background can rise cpu time temporarily.
Just be sure it doesn’t persist and you should be fine.