High CPU usage with SMB

I moved recently form Raspbmc to OSMC on my Pi B+ and I mainly enjoy new setup GUI. I have no extension on Kodi, and I have connected a 2TB USB disk. My only network access is through the standard WiFi card with fix IP address.

The issue I report here is about SMB in app store. When I install it, CPU reaches and stays between 90 and 100% as long as SMB is installed. For external machines (whteher linux or Windows) response times are so slow that I get an error message when tryng to reach my files through SMB.

When i deactivate SMB from App store, CPU is back to an average 25/30

I am not in debug mod, as mentionned in another post.

This never occured to me through Raspbmc, any idea? Many thanks.

SMB is a protocol, that may change over time. High cpu usage is not that uncommon.
If you have a ntfs formatted harddrive, linux also needs cpu power to read and write to that filesystem and also usb at high speeds will get it’s share of cpu speed.
You might have one of the worst configurations there can be.

If you can, I’d suggest using nfs to share files.
Use a linux filesystem on your hdd like ext4.

Thanks for this.

However, even when there is no transfer, CPU is between 90% and 100%. RaspBmc use to provide a perfect service with exactly the same HW including external USB disk . Something must be wrong, but I don’t know what

From what you’re saying I’m guessing you can find your way around a shell prompt - have you tried logging on to your OSMC box and running top? At least then you might get some idea what specific process(es) are eating your CPU.

The Samba server will not use any significant CPU resources when no clients are connected to it. You need to use something like top to find out what process is using high CPU resources, I very much doubt it will be Samba.

Did a full reinstall, no longer CPU @ highest level. However, files are just unreacheable from windows / linux smb client.
I suspect this comes from my usb drive that has 2 partitions (fat32 and ext 4). Went back to RaspBmc to check it worked and got no trouble there. Really strange…

Things are getting even stranger: tried to reach my USB disk files through samba sharing, results got slower and slower and finally kodi cpu raised and raised till 90% (without playing video or asking demanding tasks). Seems to be an access conflict or something like this.

However, didn’t try to reach (through samba) files used by Kodi at the same time.

Just reconsidered the situation from scratch: installed basic samba from command line, reedited a minimalist smb.conf, and now all works pretty well.
Definitly don’t understand why a kind of access reject / conflict for SMB resulted in Kodi CPU explosion.