High Temperature on PI

Hi everyone, up till now my raspeberry has been running fine with osmc. But i noticed a strange thing today, the TV wasnt detecting the HDMI, so after surfing online for a solution, i decided to edit the config.txt file and added config_hdmi_boost=8, this seem to be the only way my system pi now comes up on the TV, but the Temperature of the Pi is hitting close to 86C, which i think isnt right. Please if anyone has ever encountered such a problem, do advice me on the best way forward.

Do you have any custom overclocks?


No I don’t. It just started suddenly and when I was unable to get the HDMI working, I tried the option of the stated above. But on checking my screen I see a red box at the top right which online users ascribe to high temp. Checking the system info through kodi confirmed it with temperatures as high as 86c. Then I became worried

I think red box means brownouts. Try changing PSU and leaving it a brief while to cool


I tried that also, i even used a usb connected to a system to supply the power, hoping this will supply a lower current but its still very same

add a fan powering it by the gpio :slight_smile:

If you remove the config_hdmi_boost setting what does the temperature reach?
Pi1 or Pi2? Is the Pi in an unventilated case? Is it on top of any hot equipment (like an AV receiver)? What’s the room temperature?

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The room temp is just a little above 21c. I think the HDMI port is faulty. I tried using another fresh image and I can’t even get the welcome screen for new installation O:-)

lolll, yeah i know about that, but i think asking and investigating why might avoid such issues happening to others.

Just an update, i did a fresh install of osmc img, still same issue. So i allowed it to go on for a while hoping that the installation goes fine, then i tried to ssh into it as i know the IP, to my suprise this worked and i edited the config.txt of the fresh install, adding config_hdmi_boost=8, and the hdmi now works again. The issue is that with this the screen flickers and the system temp rises quickly

Can you try a different hdmi cable? Can you try connecting to a different hdmi port on TV? Can you try connecting to a different TV?

What temperature does it reach without config_hdmi_boost present? (if you can’t see screen, you can check the temperature with “vcgencmd measure_temp” through ssh). I would be surprised if that setting is making a difference to the temperature.

@popcornmix thanks but i have tried different combinations i.e monitors, cable, and power. But with respect to your last comment i think you are right, though the screen didnt show at a value less than 8, the temp wasnt really different. hmmmmmmm

Do you know anyone else with a Pi?
If you can keep everything the same (power suppy, sdcard, cables, TV) and a different Pi doesn’t have the temperature issue, then it would suggest a broken Pi.

Shorting a power and GPIO pin for example can cause a permanent short, and the symptom is drawing more current and getting hot. That could be what you are seeing.

If you haven’t done anything to damage the Pi, then contacting the seller for a replacement may be the solution.

@popcornmix, I think that will be my last option

Can you inspect the hdmi solderconnections for shorts or cold joints? Maybe under a microscope?

Anyways, i finally decided to ask for a replacement, which has now been delivered. Thanks every one

And it fixes the problem?

Yes. Maybe it’s more hardware than software. But thanks for the help.