Higher power consumption since last update?

Hi all,

is it possible that since the last update the power consumption is higher than before? I have a PI2 and it shows me more often the symbol for not sufficient power and also the warning that the device is getting too hot.

I only installed the update, the rest of the environment I have not changed.

After a few minutes the device is crashing (without sad face) and I have to unplug it to reboot. Are there any logs on OS level which might have information?

Thanks a lot.

Had to check - and just anecdotal “data” from my Pi2 and it still idles at ~37,5C after last update - so mine doesn’t seem to run harder.

I’d suggest checking PSU and cable.

Added: Sorry - missed that yours also overheats - so perhaps disregard my input then + run top and see if any process seems eating CPU.


Hi Thomas,

Please enable debug logs, as these should give us more an idea to whats going on; upload as per these instructions:

Thanks Tom.

hmm after enabling the logs and another manual reboot the problem disappeared…I have no idea what went wrong yesterday…this is strange.