Highlighted text does not scroll in subtitles search

Hi, first of all thank you for this awesome, beautiful software.

The problem I’m having has been there since day one of OSMC. When I search for subtitles, the results appear with ellipsis, showing that not all the text is shown. But when I highlight that text, it stays still. It wouldn’t be much of a problem elsewhere, but specifically in subtitles it helps to know if the subs are fit for the video I’m watching, which I can only know by seeing the result description.

I don’t know if it’s a skin problem, I haven’t tried with Confluence yet. For the moment I’m sticking with the stock skin, which is great and responsive.
The OSMC version is RC, or 0.9.9, as it where.


Have you tried updating ? RC (RC1) is quite old now and the final release of OSMC just came out yesterday - the skin has been drastically changed since the version you are running so please update and see if your issue remains.

Sorry, I thought I was stating the version correctly. The one I’m running is the one before the last stable release (the one with the already revamped skin). I’m not at home now so I can’t say specifically.
Will try to update today, though, and post the results here as soon as I can try it.
Thank you!

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The issue remains with the stable release (2015.06-01), using the OSMC default skin.
In addition, the subtitle screen is partly masked by the OSD : The episode summary (for a TV Show) and the scrub bar appear to be displayed “on top” of the subtitles menus.

Yep, was about to say the same. I updated yesterday to the latest version and it keeps happenning.
Regarding the OSD being masked, it also happens, and it is when you call for downloading subtitles without pausing (having enabled the option to pause automatically when searching for subs). If one pauses manually and then searches for subs, it displays correctly.

Hope this info helps! Thanks

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I installed OSMC a week ago (amazing, BTW) and this issue is present. I love the skin, but this is a dealbreaker. I went back to confluence and subtitle scrolling works fine, so I guess it’s a skin problem. I went around the options to see if I could enable this feature, but I haven’t found anything to that extent.


I recently got myself a Pi 3 which I installed OSMC on and also ran into this problem. It’s kind of a deal breaker for me too, but I really liked the responsiveness and minimalistic look of the OSMC skin. I know nothing about Kodi skinning, but after some trial and error I sort of solved this problem by editing the following file:


The settings for the available subtitle list are found below line 99 under:

<control type="list" id="120">

And on line 193 are the settings for the focused subtitle:

<control type="label">

By adding <scroll>true</scroll> in this box I got the subtitle name to scroll successfully, but it’s not ideal. I don’t know how to change the delay before it starts to scroll. It’s painfully long. I was however able to change the speed of scrolling by adding <scrollspeed>120</scrollspeed> (default is 60). Another problem is that it doesn’t reset, so when you move to the next subtitle and back it starts scrolling immediately and not at the start of the string. It’s better than nothing though.


Wow, great workaround, thanks! I’m at work right now but I’ll try it as soon as I can.

I know even less about skinning, but most certainly you pointed us in the right direction to solve this. Not marking it as solved just to push us towards the solution.

We have a new OSMC skin on the way, but this is a nice stopgap for those that want to resolve the issue for the current skin.


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