HLG flagging over HDMI

I know that the Vero 4K flags HDR10 Rec 2020 content when it is being output over HDMI, but when I play HLG Rec 2020 content it remains flagged as SDR. Is there a chance that HLG flagging over HDMI will also be implemented?

Yes. The SoC supports HLG and HDR. Support was added by an AMLogic developer in May, but this hasn’t been merged in and tested yet.

commit 3674e3eb50b31ffbe175e243398109dfee6c6c40
Author: MingLiang Dong
Date:   Fri May 12 14:53:27 2017 +0800

    PD#144178: hdr: add HLG support
    Change-Id: I08ebebb2cca6c72b88a0b993940e286c9693f07b
    Signed-off-by: MingLiang Dong

At this time, there’s not a lot of content or compatible displays, so it hasn’t had much focus yet.

I am sure we’ll see something in the near future.


Thanks Sam

I have both the content (a couple of test clips and some other proper content) and most currently sold models of UHD HDR set now support HLG (BBC iPlayer using it for Blue Planet II is the beginning of it being used in anger I suspect).

Being backwards compatible with SDR Rec 2020 is useful, and in many ways HLG is easier to handle than HDR10 (no requirement for any mastering metadata to be passed from file to display, just an ‘HLG present’ flag).