Hotspot Wifi or repeater - Rpi3 - OSMC Krypton


On the floor me Wifi is bad and I want to transform my Rpi 3 + OSMC (Krypton) into Hotspot Wifi or repeater…

So I activated the Tethering and when I connect my phone (Android), I don’t access the Internet …

technologies /net/connman/technology/p2p Name = P2P Type = p2p Powered = False Connected = False Tethering = False /net/connman/technology/ethernet Name = Wired Type = ethernet Powered = True Connected = True Tethering = False /net/connman/technology/bluetooth Name = Bluetooth Type = bluetooth Powered = False Connected = False Tethering = False /net/connman/technology/wifi Name = WiFi Type = wifi Powered = True Connected = False <----------------------------------- Tethering = True TetheringIdentifier = osmc_wifi TetheringPassphrase = h0tsp0t0smc

And on the phone I am in 192.168.0.x while the Rpi is in 192.168.35.x

So I have a DHCP issue, I think ^^ I think I have need to make a gateway between Eth and Wifi but i don’t know how with Connman comand :frowning:

Who tried this configuration?

check this out

Tks lucianus_luciferus but the process isn’t good because OSMC use Connman command…