How can i add Recorded Media to my Library

i have a new DVBS Reciver and recording works.
But the new tv shows doesn’t showing in my library, only in Live-TV->Recordings.
But i want it automatic in “TV-Shows” and also showing in “Recently Added”
Is this possible?

Raspberry PI2
HTS Tvheadend 3.4~wheezy

Did u add the source dir so that kodi knows where to look for recorded shows ?

Yes, i habe 2 folders, one with recorded TV Shows, one with recorded Movies. I habe added both directory to Kodi. I have also tried to rescan the folders manually.

Does recorded TV Shows shown in your Kodi?

what format does the tv receiver save too ?

The Files have the “.ts” Fileextension.
In TVHeadened i can choose between two Mediacontainer formats: “Matroska” or "Same as source “pass through”
I have testet both, but didn’t work.