How can i adjust nfs timeouts?

If my pi has an idle time and then i do a clean up (for example a movie was removed) it throws mostly anything out if the db. if i repeat this with rescan (setting source to nothing and then to movie) all will be found again. i think this is due to spinup times on the server. so where can i adjust nfs timeouts?

First, you need to be using fstab, rather than Kodi’s NFS.

Assuming your theory is correct, have a look here, particularly the bit about x-systemd.device-timeout. It might not be applicable but it’s always worth a shot. You should also be using noauto,x-systemd.automount in /etc/fstab.

must be, found this entry in forum:

therefor i think it’s related to spinuptimes and must be resolved within kodi. Is there any setting or must i really switch to smb?

I think you’re out of luck as far as an NFS version of clienttimeout is concerned. I checked the Kodi source code and there’s not a single reference to NFS in the AdvancedSettings.cpp code.

There is, however a timeout for curl - curlclienttimeout - that you might be able to use. Curl doesn’t need to access http://, but the URL can instead be file://.

I came across a post with something similar to your problem here.