How can i make a random playlist music?

i would like to make a raandom playlist?, i don’t know how to do, using terminal …?

I’d like to do the same thing, but I’ve already found that link and it doesn’t help me.

I’ve got a load of mp3s on my external hard drive attached to the Pi. At the moment I can navigate to individual folders and play songs, but I’d like to just say ‘play everything in the mp3 folder on random’. That link tells me I need to use a scraper add-on to put the music files in a library, but the page about scrapers only talks about IMDB and video files, and anyway the files all have useful ID3 tags already, so, why isn’t that their metadata? What else does OSMC need, or how do I point OSMC at the data that’s already there?

This is all specific to Kodi, not OSMC. Maybe you should have a look at their forum for a more direct answer.

Okay, thanks! I haven’t used Kodi separately from this so I guess I don’t know what comes under what category.