How come videos are streamd right from my pc while mp3's not?

i’ve latest version on pi 2 with wipi

when i stream videos everything fine (from win 10)

when i stream music the music have pauses very often.


how could it be? videos are much more heavy than simple mp3’s


We will need logs to deduce any issues


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dvdplayer (used for videos) expects high bitrate so has substantial buffering.
paplayer (used for audio) doesn’t expect high bitrate so doesn’t buffer a lot of data.

That can mean audio buffers but video doesn’t with an inconsistent network speed (e.g. wifi).

Try buffermode=1 from

As a test, trying to play the audio file using dvdplayer instead of paplayer may help to confirm this - you should be able to use the context menu on the item you’re trying to play and choose dvdplayer instead of paplayer. (You won’t get any visualisations, but the audio should play)