How do I Reinstall Kodi 17.xx without reinstalling OSMC?

I have read but can’t seem to find how to or if I can.

1- If I just want to start with a fresh install of Kodi vers 17.xx what would I need to do to accomplish this?

2- Would reinstalling the OSMC image from USB accomplish this or is this the right way?

Thanks for the help.

  1. Would do this but reinstall osmc completely

Instead you can stop Kodi and move the userdata directory away

2- meaning the OSMC USB flash I made with the OSMC installer would reinstall OSMC completely and Kodi 17.xx?

I have access through samba shares and can move the user directory, but what will happen on reboot regarding Kodi? I messed up some Kodi add ons so want to start with clean kodi slate.


  1. yes

If you move the Kodi directory away it will be regenerated

Great thanks Sam.

I have to tell you that you and your team are simply amazing from product to support I have never encountered anything so professional and supportive.

Your product is top notch and will only continue to get better with future updates. :*)