How do I reset forgotten password on Vero4K

I have confused two devices somewhere along the line and need to start over. I have lost the initial login password and also am not sure if ssh setup is correct so want to start over with that too (and record my actions!).
Do I have to flash a new installation or can somebody help please?

If you have bent the passwords for both users osmcand root I think you need to install from scratch. Factory defaults is osmc/osmcand no password for root afaIk.

If at least you haven’t touched one of them you could try to get a command line by

  1. connect a USB keyboard to the device
  2. reboot the device and press+hold the CTRL(STRG) button once you see the blue OSMC screen (or try press+hold from the beginning of the reboot)
  3. you should get a Login request and should be able to login via
    a. rootwithout a password if you haven’t set a new one
    b. osmc with the original password osmc if you haven’t touched this or use the password you set
  4. If one of them worked you can set new passwords using
    a. sudo passwd root and/or sudo passwd osmc and reboot

Hi Jim,
Many thanks, I had one still working so now all good. Many thanks.