How Do You Access Extras on BD Simplified Menu?

Hi. How does one access extras like deleted scenes, bloopers from a bd-iso on Kodi’s simplified menu?

Can one access it from “select from all titles” on the simplified menu?

If you search the forum, you will see that how to handle extras was just covered yesterday.


I tried. Search term ‘bluray extra’ ‘bluray extras’ ‘blu-ray extra’ ‘blu-ray extras’
Did I miss something?

How about looking about 6 posts down from this one where you see ‘Movie Extras’. That may be a clue about that that topic is about…

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I don’t see any ‘Movie Extras’ 6 or more posts below

Found using search. Thanks for mentioning the title

View the entire forum, not just the Vero sub. The information applies to ALL platforms so it makes sense it wouldn’t be relegated to a sub.

Checked the thread already. Situation is different. That’s for MKVs and extras are already ripped to MKVs already. I don’t think it applies for BD-ISO

Did you consider searching the Kodi forum since the feature/function is dependent on Kodi alone where OSMC would have no bearing?

Look. I know about the search first then post for help procedure. And I did. Even googled. All results I see are people asking about full bluray menus on Kodi. I understand why you guys would frown on someone who does posts questions without searching for answers first. It’s irresponsible. It’s answering the same question all over again.
Thanks for your help anyways.

Threads like this are the reason why, when I posted a “user review” of the Vero 4K+ on AVForums a while back, I felt obliged to say that my experience of OSMC support had been rather negative. Poor old eagerbeaver has posted seven times in this thread, and still no one has answered his question: all he’s got is a mixture of people referring him to another thread that doesn’t address what he’s asking, and simple abuse.

How about actually helping him instead?

The answer to that, as ActionA could have told you if he wasn’t quite so interested in insulting people, is “yes”. It’s not particularly convenient, though, because the videos are identified only by playlist number, not by title, so you’ll have to guess which one you want based on its number and its duration; it also displays all playlist entries on the disk, including things like copyright messages and menu backgrounds. So everything is accessible, but not necessarily easy to find.

If you know about the “Select All Titles” menu item, and have a Blu-Ray with extras, you don’t really need to ask other people, do you? The answer is self-evident…click on the menu item, and you get a list of things to play.

Yeah, it’s not that informative a list, but clicking on one of the entries would play an extra, and that would answer the question without having to post it here.


Just when we were starting to like you :wink:
I jest. I think it’d be far fetched to say he was abused however.

@eagerbeaver is an official reseller of OSMC products in the Philippines. He has my direct message and number for any issues.

I think that he posts here to try and avoid spending my time. But rest assured, it’s always covered one way or another.

I’m not being evasive, but I do not know the answers myself. The next time I familiarise myself with BD menus, it’ll be with BD-J