How do you get the hard drive to spin down when entering standby mode?

I had my Apple TV set to enter standby mode after 20 minutes to extend the life of my Apple TV and its hard drive, but the hard drive does not spin down when the Apple TV enters standby mode. The Apple TV is in my bedroom and I really don’t want to hear the hard drive spinning during the night, and I’d also like to make the hard drive last longer.

How do I make the hard drive spin down upon entering standby mode?


Can you explain what you mean by standby mode? There isn’t really a standby mode on AppleTV and we have to disable some cstates because it causes problems with network throughput on Linux.

I don’t think it’s possible to spin the disk down because we wouldn’t be able to resume it again in Linux. We’d need to handle receiving a sense buffer after the disk stopped, and the kernel would need to then power on the disks (I don’t believe it does this), and we would need to know when to spin up

I recommend shutting down the device if you are done with it for the day. It consumes 23watts on idle but the disk is a 5400rpm laptop class disk, it’s probably not going to enjoy being spun down and spun up repeatedly.

By standby mode, I guess I mean hibernation, where everything is paused and the hard drive spins down.

This isn’t supported on OSMC for Apple TV.

Oh, okay. Is it possible to have it shut down and boot at specific times? Or should I just unplug it every night and then plug it in when I want to use it?

No that’s not possible