How do you setup Deluge as a service?

Hi guys, formerly a Raspbmc user, who had a fantastic Deluge setup working well. I upgraded to OSMC, but with the move to systemd it means that every single tutorial that’s out there is out of date in some way.

Is Deluge supposed to be available in the App Store? Because it’s not there…all I see are FTP Server, TVHeadend Server, SSH Server and Samba (SMB) Server…and that is literally it. Why is this?

Regardless, I set up Deluge by following a guide I used before available here: (substituting ‘osmc’ for ‘pi’ as the username)

It’s working well, but because OSMC is now using systemd, the “Configuring Deluge to Run on Startup” section is out of date. How in Hades do you actually do this? I tried following UserGuide/Service/systemd – Deluge , but it seemed to wreck my installation and I painstakingly had to go back on myself and undo everything I had done in that guide. In the end I added some lines to my rc.local as per Deluged running from boot? - #3 by DBMandrake , in particular

su - osmc -c “deluged &”
su - osmc -c “deluge-web &”

This does the job, although I’ve noticed that if I leave a torrent running and shutdown the Pi, when I boot it back up my torrents remain paused and won’t auto-resume which is odd…I’m not sure if that’s normal behaviour or not. What I’d really like to do is get this running on startup in the proper service type way, but have no idea how to go about it…anyone any ideas? What are the benefits of running as a service exactly? This systemd thing has brought with it so much pain…init.d was so much easier…


Be patient. There was not even an App Store at all with Raspbmc

No worries Sam, was just wondering if I was supposed to see more than four items or not. :wink:

I do plan to add some more applications soon.