How does tags work in OSMC?

In my search for a way to create custom playlists, with the ability to add/remove items from my local library, I’m trying to figure out how to get it working on OSMC.

It would appear the functionality is there in Kodi; Video library tags - Official Kodi Wiki, but I can’t for the life of me find out how it’s supported in OSMC.

I’ve gotten as far as being able to create a smart playlist, which filters on a specific tag, but I can see no way to actually add or edit tags for a file in the library?

So far only one addOn comes up, when searching for tags, namely “manageTags” by zosky, but it just crashes outright, when trying to open it from the context menu.

Has anyone else got any tips on how to manage or create custom playlists in OSMC?

OSMC is only the OS. Everything that applies to Kodi is still relevant and valid.

What I’m looking for, is how to actually manage playlists or tags through the UI, I can find nowhere to do so through the standard OSMC UI.

Playlists are managed through the music or videos file sections (Music or Videos which appear in the home menu)… There you should find an entry for playlists.

Tags are not in the OSMC menu by default. You have to go settings->interface->configure skin->customise home menu. It will prompt you to install skin shortcuts.

Then go through the process of adding a Tags item to the Movies menu item. It’s not very intuitive.

To see what it should do, change the skin to Estuary as that has the Tags item installed by default.

It would probably be more useful to use something like Ember Media Manager.

Wow, yeah, that is all kinds of backwards.

I’ve figured out how it’s integrated now and can do what I wan’t using tags, but … it’s very weird.

I go to Videos > Movies > Tags and there I found a “New tag…” entry.

From here I can add new tags, and when creating a tag, I can add some movies to that specific tag, (yes backwards relation). If I want to change the movies listed under this tag, I have to highlight the tag, then get to the context menu, choose “manage…”, and then I have the option to “Add Movies” and “Remove Movies”… Phew…! What a long way around :smiley:

However, having created the tags I want, what I’d really would like to do, is completely the other way around and instead, when perusing the Movie catalog from any of the overviews, say Movies:Title, then be able to attach/detach the already defined tags from the context menu of each title.

E.g. when highlighted over a specific entry, open the context menu, see a “Tags” entry add the bottom, which leads to a screen that’ll allow adding/removing tags.

Can this be done?

You’re probably right.

I’m sure it can. You’d better ask for the feature on the Kodi forum. But there are better media managers around.