How does the OSMC wireless setup work?

One of the many impressive and intuitive features of OSMC for the Raspberry Pi is almost the first thing you’ll see when setting up: the installer, and more specifially the wireless setup part of the installer. For me, it saves me the hassle of temporary using an ethernet connection or a keyboard to get it online.

Doing other experiments with Pi:s I wonde: Could the inner workings of that wireless setup process be replicated for other systems and distros?

It’s nothing that complicated - the installer creates a file on the fat32 partition called preseed.cfg which contains the network settings you enter.

On first boot the python script /usr/bin/preseed runs and reads that file, configuring the network.

However it only works with connman as the network manager and I am not aware of any desktop distros that use connman as their default network manager as it is intended for small embedded devices such as set top boxes and mobile phones/tablets…

Interesting! Thanks for the reply, at least I have a lead for onward research in the matter. :thumbsup: