How read 4K file with Vero


I bought a Vero on this site to read my 4K files because before I had a rpi and it couldn’t read these files, the sound was offbeat… And to my surprise, I have the same problem with my Vero, Why??

These files work perfectly on my Mac…

file info here :

Thank you

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That file says 4K from 2K which is an odd scaling.

Can you post the text output of MediaInfo as well as debug logs?


Tks Sam

Debug log :

MediaInfo should be able to provide better formatting than that.
Anyway – can you send me a 30 sec sample that exhibits the problem? 3840*1608 is an interesting resolution.


how ?

Using mediainfo on the Vero4k via ssh should give a clear formatted output

you can use ffmpeg to just cut out a part of the clip