How to add Source?


I am trying out OMSC, coming from kodi/openelec, I find the interface much better.

I am struggling to add source so that I can install other repositories. In kodi and the usuall way woul be from Settings — File Manager ---- Add Source. You then give the source a name ordinarily enter the url for exmaple or http:/

However in OSMC, there is no option to enter url, just to navigate for the standard locations (Home Folder, NFS, Root Filesystem etc). Am I missing something ?

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The highlighted box, click/enter/ok/ or what ever button you use on your keyboard or mouse or remote to select something.

As the O/P pointed out, this option isn’t there in OSMC’s skin/interface during the normal file browser. It is there in its File Manager (this screenshot looks like the standard Kodi File Manager), but values there don’t appear here as it were - I copied across my previous sources.xml but that’s apparently not where my base network sources were defined/stored.

(I also had to fully qualify the hostnames in that - despite seeing that the correct things were being queried in DNS, browsing down Video > Files wasn’t working until I did.)

change the theme to confluence. you’ll find the file manager