How to adjust Colour Space?

I am really enjoying the freshly OSMC’d ATV1 + Crystal HD.
It is running faster than ever before using OE and has brought it back from redundancy…
Thank you to all involved.

I am having problems with the Colour Space. Too much RED.

I am outputting from ATV1 in Composite into a YUV Component to RGB Scart converter then into the non-RGB Scart input of a Toshiba CRT. Sadly only one input is RGB Scart which is taken by the Virgin Media box which produces realistic colours.

If you are wondering why I bother using the Converter and not straight into Composite Scart it is because the signal is amplified and has less noise.

I was wondering if there is a command to ssh in order to change the video profile.

I have looked at the video card info but cannot see anything relevant:

Suggestions much appreciated.

OK here’s the embarrassing part where I answer my own question before anyone else.

I remove the YUV to RGB Scart converter from the equation and now the colour space is correct.

Doh! I thought it was helping noise.