How to check communication between Vero and my NAS [Solved]


I had some issues with switching to new router, unfortunately coming back to old one is not possible, so I need to find a solution. At the moment the only solution I can think of is to install something, which will monitor my lan traffic. Is this posibble to do that on Vero? If yes, how? Thanks

What sort of issues, and what is the router?
It could be that all you need is to sort out connectivity, and not to provide a monitor.
Lots of things are possible - but we need more problem details.

I switched from netgear router to tp-link. I have the same configuration - both are connected directly by cable, ip’s are the same etc. After switching loading library data base takes few minutes. Every time. Starting a movie and ending takes minutes as well.
For test i connected old router and everything went back to normal. Unfortunately i can’t mąkę this switch permanent.
So i need to check 3 devices. Router’s options i checked through. Nas works fine with different devices. So it leaves vero as most probable cause of issue.

That sounds like the router to NAS connection is dealt with differently by the TP-Link, and there isn’t a keep-alive as there was with the Netgear.
I seem to recall past threads where people where trying to stop such a keep-alive as they didn’t like the constantly running effect.
If you cannot find settings to affect this on the newer setup, you could consider hooking the Netgear between the TP-Link and the pi (turn off DHCP on one router) to see if that will do it.

One of the things I’m thinking is to move my NAS and PI and connect them with Netgear, as a AP, but this would require to change my NAS location, to less convenient and I prefer this as a last resort.

If this is something between NAS and TP-LINK I’ll try to search for any solutions there. I hoped it would be on Vero side, as fixing this here would be the fastest, but nevertheless ::smile:

Good luck

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I think I’ll need that, more than I want…


I don’t know if I found a solution, but as a last resort I’ve installed OSMC RC2 from scratch on my Vero and first it was, as usual, but after I’ve installed all updates it started to work as before. I think there was some problems with updates, because I was trying to install them before and it seems that it didn’t work.

So it works now

Thanks for your help