How to close OSD using tv remote?

Hi, just got OSMC up and running on my new rPi 2 and using my LG tv remote to control it through cec.

My problem is during video playback I prefer to pause the video by pressing ‘OK’ (select) to open the OSD (see below), then select pause from there. The issue is once I select play, the OSD remains there permanently.

Only way I’ve found to get rid of it is to use the ‘BACK’ button multiple times until I’m back at the home menu (video still playing in background). Pressing ‘BACK’ once more removes all menus and I can then finally watch the video.

The above process takes around 10s, is there a quicker, less messy way?


With a keyboard, it is a single key to toggle that display on/off.
If you have a ‘spare’ key on your remote, you could configure it to do that action.
You may need to research this in the Kodi wiki, unless someone knows that TV and remote well enough to post it offhand.

Thanks you just gave me an idea, I had another look in kodi keymap editor and found the open OSD, I then mapped it to the ‘REWIND’ button (only available button) and now I can open OSD with ‘OK’ or ‘REWIND’ button and then close it with the ‘REWIND’ button.

Not ideal but it works. I think a keyboard is in order. Just hard to find a full size keyboard that is designed for OSMC/Kodi. (i.e directional buttons, back, home etc.)