How to combine video playlists (in progress movies + TV)?

Strictly speaking, I recognize this question has to do with underlying kodi functionality (not osmc). But I was not able to find a solution by searching kodi documentation, so I thought I would ask here in case someone has gotten it to work in their setup.

In principle, what I would like to do is simple: define a playlist to show both movies and tv shows that are currently in progress. Kodi documentation suggests it’s possible, but as far as I can tell this functionality only works for audio playlists. I found a couple of related sites saying either it’s not possible, or a separate add-on is needed.

I then tried several things, none of which worked:

  • define a single playlist (use type = “Mixed”), but this also pulls up hundreds of music files
  • define two separate playlists for “in progress” movies and for “in progress” TV shows. The playlists each work fine separately. Then define a third “Mixed” playlist to combine them, which does not work:
  • if I try to combine as field = “playlist” (like in the kodi docs), nothing is populated. Seems that only audio playlists are recognized
  • if I try to combine using field = 'virtualfolder", again I end up with loads of unwanted music files (to be fair, I am not even sure what “virtualfolder” is, as I could not find it in the docs)

Any ideas?