How to connect two Kodi?

i’m looking for a solution to my problem:
in my house i have two raspberry pi with Kodi in each one, one is in my bedroom and one is in the kitchen.
in the one in my bedroom i have a film library connected to an external hard disk, my desire is to share the folder “Film” in my hard disk with the Kodi in the kitchen, so that all the films in the hard disk can be played in both Kodi.

How can i share this folder? Both Kodi are under the same Internet network.

Thanks for support

Install samba server from app store

Enable UPnP in both kodi-devices and add source to the other device

Do I have to install Samba with ssh connection or it’s possible to install it directly from Kodi?

Yes MyOSMC app store

Thanks…I’ll try and let you know.
Thank you very much.

thanks for the advice. I’ve enabled UPnP in both Kodi and I’ve hadded source to the other Kodi, now i can watch all Film in the Hard Disk.
My only question now is if it’s possible to set up the content of the added source like a Film library because if I try to set up that like a library, i can only remove or modify it.

It is set like File, not like Library.