How to determine if upgrade was successful after ssh disconnect

I was upgrading to the January 2017 release over ssh (apt-get dist-upgrade). The problem is that my ssh connection was lost about 40% into the upgrade cycle (“software caused connection abort”, or something like that). Is there a way to check if the upgrade proceeded anyways and was successful? Or can I run apt-get dist-upgrade again?

I can see that OSMC is reporting that it is now on the January 2017 version, but I am not sure if I can rely on that alone.

osmc@piradio:~$ cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Open Source Media Center"
VERSION="January 2017"


Would never harm to run it again.
Also a tip for the future, install screen (sudo apt-get install screen) and run the dist-upgrade in a screen session than a SSH disconnect will not impact the upgrade


@fzinken thanks. I reran the dist-upgrade and it said 0 updates required. Device seems to run fine, and os-release is still reporting latest version. So I guess all is well.

Thanks for the help (and for the tip about screen - I had used it before for things I had meant to start and walk away from for an extended period. I guess it makes sense for upgrading too).

If your SSH connection drops during the update (for example due to your DHCP server handing out a different IP address when the network goes down and is brought back up again - which can happen if connman is updated) then as long as you wait at least 10 minutes or so to let it finish and don’t reboot or pull out the power, the upgrade will go to completion even though the SSH connection dropped.

If you tried to reboot or worse still pulled the plug while the upgrade was still occurring in the background it would almost certainly cause problems.