How to disable all notification popups

Using latest OSMC on a RPi3 with Emby for Kodi plugin, changed any setting I could find both in Kodi and Emby plugin regarding notifications but they still popup, especially incremental sync during watching movies or TV shows. Quite annoying. Any way to disable all notifications permanently? Both the top banner and the lower right side ones? Thanks.

Sounds like an emby issue. I’ve never used emby but, I’ve never ever seen a notification while media was playing.

There’s no general option in Kodi to disable all notifications as far as I’m aware.

It’s the add-on that is generating a notification, and notifications can be displayed during video playback so it is up to the add-on to provide a means of turning its notifications off or not sending them while video is playing.

I’m also not familiar with emby but I would recommend contacting the emby author to see if there is a way to do this.

I solved this myself. The answer for anyone who is having the issue is to download the Emby Fast Startup Sync plugin for the server and enable the fast sync setting within Emby for Kodi and adjust the threshold within the settings high (I set mine to 100). Sorry for the wrong forum, but thanks for the help anyway.