How to disable splash screen to view boot sequence?

I am using OSMC image based on Debian Stretch. Boot stops at blue screen with logo. Apparently the ssh service doesn’t start either because I can’t login remotely. I need to see the boot sequence text to identify what’s gone wrong. How can I remove the splash screen?

Remove quiet from cmdline.txt

This worked. Thanks!. Now, I’m unfortunately at a screen that just says “Welcome to Open Source Media Center!” and nothing else. Yikes

You probably have a failing SD card. I’d suggest you get a copy of /home/osmc/.kodi to backup your settings and do a fresh installation on a new SD card.

(Of course, it may be difficult to get a backup of .kodi unless you have another linux system to read the failing card)

You may be right. Sadly I use this image for many things except it’s intended purpose (as a media center). I have a backup but it’s not quite recent… at least I have something