How to enable HotSpot on RPi2 using OSMC

I’m trying to enable HotSpot on an RPi2 using the OSMC, without success.
Using the GUI I’m getting denied using command line getting “Error enabling ethernet tethering: Permission denied”
I’ll appreciate some guidelines how to…?

I’m trying to create a local network using the RPi without connectivity to ethernet in any way.
Any help will be appreciated.


Search of this forum for the error results in this link.

ethernet to wifi tethering not working. I downloaded the latest version. 27-setp.
Lan is getting valid IP and wirless device are also able to connect “osmc_wifi” but no network. Pls let me know how to fix.


Try editing /etc/connman.prefs and change dnsproxy to yes, then reboot.

How to enable PPPoe auto login for internet access ?

Permission denied to can’t set dns = yes .
How to fix?

PPPoE is not supported out of the box.

For files owned by root you will need to use sudo to elevate your privileges.

sudo nano /etc/connman.prefs

Great… Working now…
Pls help how to enable PPoe support. More important the dongle i am using is 433Mb/s support but in tethering it is conncet to 72Mb/s per second. Very limited .

Macbook is getting disconnected after few seconds… Due signal issue.

Donlge : AC600 Wireless Dual-Band Mini USB Adapter


We don’t have any plans at this point in time to add built in support for PPPoE - this is far too niche a facility for a Media center to make the development effort worthwhile when time is better spent elsewhere.

However because the system is based on Debian Jessie using connman as the network manager there is probably a way to set it up manually yourself if you do some research.

Hi all thanks for the notes but still this doesn’t solve the question I have because I’m still unable to set up a Hotspot that i can connect using my iPhone or any other device on the network what I would like to see is a hotspot generated on the raspberry pie that I can access and connect to without having ethernet connected at all.
Any user manual or guidelines how to generate a hotspot from the raspberry pie

Did you read the thread actiona linked for you in the first reply here ?

Also we’d need log files taken after attempting to enable tethering to know what the issue is.

Some of the wifi drivers don’t currently support tethering so many adaptors can’t be used in wifi tethering mode at the moment.

Any idea why speed limited to 72Mb/s ?

How increase tethering Tx power ?

These last 2 questions are relevant to my problem.

I have Alfa 5ghz ac wifi usb adapter which works great on PI 1b with OSMC as Hotspot and thanks millions guys for making this so easy to set up with your fantastic GUI interface…

the problem is - I want it to be 5ghz at all times (it only sets itself at 72Mbps at moment) and also it is an addition for existing 5ghz router and is in smallish room and I want to turn down it*s output signal strength to very low… what folder would I find those settings to change… thanks


I have the same problem with enabling Hotspot on the Pi2 with Osmc but i get an error stating “Error enabling hotspot - see log for details”

Other than that everything works out fine. Including the wifi.
Tried searching around for solution but to no avail.

Wireless Adapter : TP Link (TL-WN725N ver.2)

A solution to this would be a great help. :smiley:

I have the same problem here, anyone knows how to fix what touchbright said ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile: