How to factory reset osmc

How can i reset osmc on my RPI2 ?
Not the user data folder cause i’m installing plex server on it and doing some other modifications
so i need to do a factory reset to osmc
best regards

Ok your messages sound a bit confusing, buy assuming you want a clean install of your Operating system while keeping all the configurations that you have in your .kodi/userdata folder then your easiest approach would be to backup your .kodi folder install OSMC again with the installer and then copy backup onto the SD card.
But generally it would be strange that you messed something up on the operating system that you could not clean out

Merci mate
realy i want to clean my osmc, i dont care to my configuration in .kodi i dont want to keep it.

So you don’t want to keep anything that you have on your OSMC? If that is the case just reinstall using the installer

Other way without reinstall?

Depends on what you want to “clean”. If it is just that you want to get rid of your addons and/or the configurations that you have made to Kodi you simply could delete the .kodi directory and reboot.
But again I do NOT understand what you want to achieve!

thank you mate for your help
i’m reinstalling osmc again