How to find and download a PVR addon?

In the most recent versions of Matrix my Vero 4k+ has downloaded, it has lost my preferred PVR addon, DVBViewer.

PVR clients seem to part of the OSMC installation and there isn’t a section for PVR clients in the add on browser in the Kodi repo.

How can I install it? Mrs_Gimlet is very unhappy

(PS I did post in the Matrix thread but it may have got overlooked)

This issue wasn’t forgotten – just didn’t have a chance to reply yet. Binary add-ons (PVR) are shipped as part of our Kodi build, so they can’t be downloaded / installed from elsewhere.

I’ll kick off another build later today, which should hopefully rectify this issue.

Thanks @sam_nazarko didn’t mean to nag, I was just concerned it had disappeared in the matrix thread

This has now been built and pushed.
Let me know when all working.



Yes, its back.

Thanks for confirming.