How to get the theme to display like this image?

So basically I want it to look like this when browsing the shows or movies: Screenshot by Lightshot

Cause for now it’s in List Mode, but when I hover over the List option, it doesn’t seem to have anything else?

Confluence had like List, Fan Art, Big Fan Art, etc. Was wondering if this had anything the same, cause I like this theme, but like the other viewing options in confluence?

It’s not exactly like confluence, but you can set the widgets in Settings,–> appearance–>Skin - Settings --> Home -Customize Home Menu
You can at least make the home menu look like the picture you posted

You’re mixing two things up here. What you’re seeing in your picture is the recent movies/episodes widget on the home menu. It’s available in the customization options as described above.

In your explanation you mention the viewing modes when you’re in the movies/episodes sub-menu. At the moment there is only list view available, but I think I’ve read other modes will be possible later.