How to get to OSMC settings GUI from kodi

Hello, Excuse me if I’m not using all of the correct terminology. I have a raspberry pi 2 with OSMC and kodi. How do I get to the OSMC settings GUI after the system boots up into kodi?




Thanks Sam. Sorry to be such a dunce, but exactly how do I get to My OSMC when I’m in kodi?

It’s on the front menu. If you’re using a different skin go to Programs -> My OSMC


Thanks again Sam for the reply. Perhaps I’m not explaining myself clearly. When I boot the raspberry pi 2 it shows the OSMC splash screen and then it goes into kodi. How do I get to the front menu when I’m in kodi?

I assume that when you say front menu you mean the OSMC GUI…correct. And when you say go to Programs -> MyOSMC are you referreing to Programs in the kodi interface?

The front menu is accessed via Kodi



You need to go down through the choices on the left side of the OSMC skin. Using a mouse prob won’t work. You’ll need a keyboard, yatse or similar for android or iOS, or connect a browser from another device to the ip of the pi and control with the web interface.