How to install kodi hebrew keyboard that works with wireless keyboard?


How I get the Hebrew keyboard works on kodi with wireless keyboard?


Did you try to change your keyboard layout in

settings → appearance → international : keyboard layout?

Not testet, but sounds promising :wink:

apparently this settings it’s working only for “Virtual” Keyboard… for example i have a ITALIAN Keyboard layout and apparently there’s no way for use the correct layout and only tha american/us layout it’s used for “hardware” keyboard.

I thinks it’s the same for wireless or bluethoot keyboard…

Yeah, sounds like it will not work.

Another guess:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Follow the prompts. Then restart your RasPi.

This will work in raspian, I gues it should also work on osmc.

Feedback is welcome :blush:

Lol… i have tryed it about one month ago… this is working for ssh session (now also all text it’s in italian) …not inside of kodi :slight_smile:

But wait some feedback… it’s possibly i have commit some error…

Thanks for all of you .
but I don’t success yet to enabled that keyboard .

I don’t have understand… you can’t use and you need to “enable” that keyboard ? It’s no cornern about layout ?

I suppose you have a working keyboard…you say work… and not enable :slight_smile: