How to install PeerGuardian or similar?


I’ve just bought a Vero.
I’d like to use it for peer2peer with Amule daemon. I had found information about how to do this and will try.
I’d also like to use some software to protect my network traffic, like PeerGuardinan,
but about this i cannot find information specific for Vero or Osmc.
Can someone help?

Aloha …

I don’t have any real solution to your Topic, but your Thread looked so sadly orpahned so I tried google (or Duck Duck Go) and it spit out e.g. something like this:

Maybe this is a good start for you to look further in this. Hope that helps.

Aloha to you good samaritan :-),

I have to admit that i was feeling a little abondoned, not a good feeling after a 200$ expense. I suppose it’s my fault.
Unfortunately i have no experience in compiling and building and i’m a little afraid to damage my Vero.
So i suppose i will give up. But thanks a lot Moppen.

I’m just a little surprised that my issue is not interesting to the osmc community, it seems to me that it should be a good feature to add.

No need to be afraid, there’s nothing you can do to actually damage your Vero.
Apart from that, I’m not surprised your topic didn’t get much traction since it seems to be more of an edge case to me.