How to link a movie folder from usb drive to osmc home?


I am running osmc on my raspberry pi 2 (beta version of osmc/ kodi 17)

I have a usb drive with movies on it, so i created a softlink (ln -s) to /home/osmc/Movies

ln -s /nas/wdblue/Filme /home/osmc/Movies

I added osmc to the group “users” and changed the permissions of /nas/wdblue to 0700 and changed the group to users

so, logged in as user osmc i can access the softlink and i have full access to all the files inside.

but when i want to watch the videos on my tv, it just finds all the files in /home/osmc/Movies, and the linked folder “Filme” is unvisible.

how do i change that?

I’m not qualified to comment on softlinks not working correctly, but is there any specific reason you’re not just adding the default path of your HDD (/nas/wdblue/Filme) as a source directly within Kodi?