How to make a 1:1 copy from Vero4k to RaspberryPi3

Hey guys,

my osmc is now finally ready configured and all users are having their libraries.

Now I want a 1:1 copy (library, users, configs, plugins…) of osmc on my raspberry pi 3. How can I do this the fastest and best way?

Just copy the config directory tree (/home/osmc/.kodi) from one machine to the other. Back up the destination first by renaming .kodi to something else.

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Thanks @nabsltd

worked fine.

FOr all others who maybe want to do the same: I copied the osmc folder, because I have a special “.thumbails” folder for all my profiles. If you restart the pi after copying, you have to manually add the profiles again to kodi. Use the exact names for the profiles and after hitting “ok” it will tell you it has found profile data and if you want to use it, chose “yes”, then it says it found library data and if you want to use it, choose “yes” again.

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