How to make a playback on the startup

Hi, I was wondering if I can use an online playback which is added in my favorites on kodi section to start after it the startup automatically, is this possible? Thank you for your time, I am looking forward to a response

I am trying to run this addon on raspberry pi zero w but it doesn’t seems to work, any useful configuration?

Suggest to check Kodi Forum for help

The project is discontinued unfortunately, any other solutions ?

Where did you read that?
From the Forum I pointed out Latest release: v0.9.2 - date: 05.03.2021 (Kodi 19)

I contacted him on his github after creating an issue, he mentioned that the addon only works on kodi 19 and still have couple but not serious problems while the kodi leia addon version is discontinued. I have osmc on raspberry pi zero w and unfortunately osmc and libreelec only have kodi leia for this device. And I want to actually use raspberry pi zero w for this procedure.

Ok, thanks for the details. Yes your options for Pi Zero are limited.
You could do with a cronjob and kodi-send to start something after reboot.

I want to play a playback directly from a video addon or from dailymotion (I have the link as embed ) but I want to start as soon as I open kodi, could you elaborate the procedure because I am not an expert ? Thank you for your time, I am looking forward to your response

Ok actually can use for that.

Firstly, thank you for the continuous help. I have one more question how can I convert the dailymotion format to this link, the stream I want to play is the below from dailymotion.

https://www.daily m

In this format:

This question maybe be dumb but I am kinda a begginer in that stuff
I must note the stream is totally legal and it’s the official channel of the provider of the channel which is free in greece
Thank you in advance and for your time
** I put a space between daily and motion because otherwise it show different link

I assume you can play that stream via an addon already? If so then you just would use that with autoexec.
One example here for youtube autoexec script / run addon on startup

This article is mentioned about the addons on the startup and not actually for the video streams, how can I format the adress of the stream that is located on the favorites? If you could elaborate that would be very appreciated since I am a begginer , thank you in advance for your patience and for your time

If it is a entry in the favorites

Then this thread might help

I checked it but this only describes how to have autostart an addon which is on favorites and not actually a stream, I have an item (a video stream) from an addon added in my favorites, not the addon itself, just an item which is a live stream, how can I achieve that like what changed must I make on the line of thr code for the .py file instead of having an addon on autostart ? Thank you again

As written in that thread check the content of your favourites.xml which should be in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/favourites.xml

I will try and let you know thanks

So I found the actions in favorites which is the following one:


And I made it like this one:

import xbmc

Did I made it right you think? (I also saved as the suggested name of the file)

Thank you once more for your precious time, I am looking forward to a response

Did you try it? Looks ok while I assume you would have to use the same encoding on the non standard characters as in the favourites.
But to be honest the easiest is to ask the experts on the Kodi forum

Okay thanks but if you don’t mind one last question for the following script:
import xbmc

The thread also contains this \ before the plugin and the end of the plugin, are they necessary? And if yes do I pit them before the plugin name and after the plugin name or after the action of the plugin in this script?

Thank you once again