How to make backup copy of my sd card with Osmc

how to make backup copy of my sd card with OSMC installed and configured ?

you can use win32diskimager to image the entire card (but sizes are large generally). What I do is use a Linux VM and shrink the partition using gparted and then use dd to grab just the used space. (Makes a smaller image)

My OS is Win7 and I always used win32diskimager to make the image of my Sd with raspbmc but now with OSMC win32diskimager crashes when copied 79MB …

That is odd, mine is the same, and never had an issue. Try getting another copy of it and see if it works.
I run Win 7 x64 pro

Ok thanks …
in this moment i use a kingston 4gb Sd card now try use
SD card 2gb Transcend.