How to Power on?

How do you power on the Vero 4K? My cheap Android device flashed with Coreelec had a remote with a power button for turning the device on and off.
The Vero 4K remote does not appear to have a power button! Surely the only way to turn it on is not by physically disconnecting and reconnecting the power chord! ??

Also how do you shut down the Vero 4K with the remote (without having to laboriously navigate to the Power menu every time)?


Yes, that is the only way to power it up. As the Vero is designed to run 24x7.

You could reconfigure a button to do that but as mentioned above the Vero is designed to run 24x7 and therefore you could only switch it on with physical replugging.

Alternatively you could use the Suspend mode which you could either initiate via Screensaver, CEC command (e.g. TV switchoff) or remote button. Out of the suspend mode the Vero would come by any remote button.