How to remove a share?

. I have accidentally added servioo .twice but can’t see how to remove one

Mark the duplicate source and press the “three lines” button on your OSMC remote or c button on a keyboard connected to the Vero. Then you will get a menu where you can remove source. Hope this is what you were looking for, if it has been scraped to the library twice, you also want to remove from library.


Great thanks

Just a FYI, you should find that googling “kodi [question]” is quite effective. For example, a search for “kodi how to remove share” returns numerous results of the same question that has been answered over on the Kodi forum. In the same vein, if you need or want to dive down into the specifics of any particular Kodi specific topic a search for “kodi wiki [topic]” should prove fruitful.

Will do thanks, I had been using ‘vero 4k topic’ to date.

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