How to rewatch tv shows

Im new to osmc/kodi and cant find a way to rewatch shows from the home screen. Im using the estuary skin. After i watch an episode it disappears from the home screen and the only way i can find to replay the episode is through the file manager. Is there any way to do this on the home screen.

There is an option in the skin helper service widget addon to allow the widgets to show watched content but I just tried it and it appears to be not functioning.

You could add a “recently played” node which would show up at the top of the home screen in the categories section. To do this you would go to TV Shows and then click on the “…” at the top of the list. You would then bring up the side/slideout menu and choose “edit nodes”. In this screen click on “TV Shows” then “New Node”. Give this node the name you want to show up in the menu and click OK. Click on this new node and edit it to look like the following…

Once you have done that just exit out of all that and reboot Kodi. You should have a new new category at the top of your TV Show home screen that you can click on and see what you have recently watched. If the list comes up empty then check your side/slideout menu to make sure your view is set to all and not just unwatched.

Awesome that will work. Thanks for the help.

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