How to run off Samsung TV remote

I’m running the Vero4K unit plus other CEC TV controlled items. I recently went to
My OSMC - Remotes - and enabled the Samsung TV remote.

Now when I am working the menu on the alternative CEC device I’m also working the menu on the Vero4K. Without me actually seeing the Vero4K menu.

Is there some way for me to switch off the Samsung Remote ie do I need to delete the conf file?

Disable that. That is only necessary for IR usage. That menu has no bearing on CEC.

You can turn off CEC by going to Settings -> Input -> Peripherals

It sounds like you may have actually set up your Vero 4K to listen to IR commands from the Samsung however. If this is the case, just select the OSMC remote as the default profile instead.

Thanks chaps
I selected the OSMC remote and everything went back to normal, in that I control everything through the HDMI cable and CEC.

It’s obvious what I should have done, after the event :blush:

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