How to select multiple files in File Manager?

I use a pendrive attached to my pi2 for short-term downloading of files, and then move these to long term storage if I want to keep them, which is a USB hard disk also connected to the pi.

In the past I would log in via sftp from my windows computer and move the files around.
I now can’t do this- winscp crashes every time.

The other method is via the file manager directly, but I use Yatse or a CEC TV remote to navigate, and neither have the ability to select more than one specific file/folder. You are supposed to be able to send a ‘space’ character to select, but in Yatse this doesn’t work.
I’m at a bit of a loss- how do I select more than one file without using a usb keyboard?

Alternatively- anyone know why winscp times out trying to move files?

WinSCP crashing souds like a client problem. Dunno how to help you with that.