How to update image without losing setting/config?

How to update RC image without losing setting/config ? I am running RC image date 2/march now would like to load 13/march.



Sam hasn’t released any Release Candidates yet.
The images you are using are internal test builds.
You could try copying the following xml files from userdata.


But you should remember that these test builds are not meant for normal use, and you should be prepared to lose all configs and customisations.

Did you try this method ?

I copy over the following:-

Then set the rest up from scratch.

There’s a guide here for backing up the xbmc directory in Raspbmc:

I think it should work for transferring your OSMC library/settings to the RC, obviously the directory is now .kodi. but the process is the same.

MOD: Title edited due to the fact that no RC has been released.

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Alphas arent intended to persist into RC’s.

It is possible that settings that existed in a previous version are renamed or changed in later ones.

Consider that a setting that was previously stored as an integer might change to being stored as a string. This can cause errors in the code using the setting.

Hi there,

I’ve now released the official Release Candidate build. Have a read at OSMC Release Candidate - OSMC for some more information