How to update library with Eminence skin?

Some skins it seems like the ‘update library’ function is quite hidden. Can someone please point me in the direction of this function in the Eminence skin, or any skin for that matter (if it’s in a default location)? Thank you!

From the home screen navigate into either the movie or tv shows section, press up which should scroll you to the bottom of the list which is to update the library, press enter.

I think most common in skins is to navigate into one of the libraries and then navigate off to one of the sides which activates a side/slide-out menu with various options, updating the library to be one of them.

There are also other options. One can use the web interface or a app based remote to select an update action. This can be particularly handy when you are on a PC and add new content as you can have clients update without actually turning on the TV. There is also an option to keymap a button to this task. For example the OSMC remote is configured such that if you hold down the play button when you are on the home screen this kicks off a library update.

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Many skins use the skin shortcuts plugin, which allows you (the user) to edit the menus on the home screen, and you can add menus for scanning yourself wherever you find most convenient. (“Update Video Library”, “Clean Video Library”, “Update Audio Library”, “Clean Audio Library”, etc.) (found under the “Kodi commands” section when selection the action in the menu editor)

If the skin does not (by default) provide an easily relocatable update option in the main menus, then from any skin, you can go into settings → media → Library, and under the “Manage Sources” section, enter into the Videos, Music, or Pictures sources. (you can also navigate to the “Files” section in the library to get there) From there, (where it lists each source) you can bring up the context menu, and there will be a “Scan for new content” menu item.

As a note of interest for unfamiliar users, you can also “rescan” a source by going into the context menu of a source, select “change content”, then change one of the parameters (such as “information source”) briefly to some other option, and then back again, and then select OK, and it will bring up a dialog asking if you want to rescan all the existing content.