How to Update my 14.2 ATV1 to 15.0

I am currently using this code to install Kodi 14.2 to my ATV1 boxes

sudo wget && sudo chmod 755 && sudo ./

Is there a way to upgrade to 15.0?

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I have some knowledge that there will be a way for everyone to run Kodi 15.1 really soon. It’ll be a surprise :slight_smile:


I have been reloading this page on hourly basis sinse Soli posted. Caaaant wait :yum:

This weekend… :slight_smile:


Hi Soli
Was it this update to Openelec to kodi 15 you ment?

I were hoping for Sam …

I was going to do everybody a favor and repackage cb2 with isengard 15.1 with an offline installer. (Asked for it in the other thread) Unfortunately noone seemed to care to spend 10 mins of their time and send me their gzipped rootfs of cb2… and I don’t have space on the crappy build machine with only 120ssd to unpack a 40gb image without going to some lengths of moving things around. And yes, in case you wonder,(regarding my other thread) I also have a custom 14.04 install that I could package as well, but I realise it would be peace disturbing to release anything like that on these forums.

I can’t say anything for sure regarding Sam, as I am just a normal user on this forum like everybody else, but apparently a release might be forthcoming soon. But please don’t take this as me spreading rumors or anything.

And yes, the new OE release is in fact pretty great unlike all previous OE releases…

I have now been running the OE with kodi 15,1 for the last 2 hours - and I must agree : it just works …

The only thing missing is the pvr simple client - so I am looking into github now, and will check back if I find one who is working…

Thanks for your friendly way of helping all :slight_smile:

Do we not need an OSMC release for aTV then?



Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, continue with the OSMC release for AppleTV!

I’m checking the forum almost every day if it is available already. (I even created an forum account to give this reply)

In this blog post you said something about releasing OSMC for more hardware probably in september… so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will be also for ATV1 hardware :wink:

OE = OpenELEC?
there is no OE release for Apple TV!
according to their download page AppleTV1 Builds are still deprecated: latest version is 4.2.1 from october 2014.

EDIT: I see… there is an unofficial update from developer chewitt

I, like many others, have waited for OSMC to hit the aTV (with some agony). But I do wonder if maybe the effort is better spent elsewhere, if this release by chewitt is good, and he plans to maintain it for a while as well. Just my humble opinion. If it’s 99% done, and maintaining it along with the rest of OSMC would be a breeze, then sure. I’m very happy with OSMC on my RPis. Otherwise, maybe it’s not worth it. Someone who knows how much work has been put into it, and how much work remains would have to say :slight_smile:

Will be trying the new OE on a spare aTV when I have some spare time, and see how good it is.

Yes Please!! :fearful:
I also check here daily to see if there’s any new news on a release of OSMC for ATV1

Me too !! So please dont stop!

Me three!

I am an ATV 1st generation Crystalbuntu 2 user and patiently waiting for the performance increase that OSMC will surely bring and new features embedded in Kodi - Isengard.

My hat is off to Sam for creating and maintaining this operating system and in tandem releasing some new hardware into a hotly contested market (whilst doing his exams I believe).

Please keep the old Apple TVs alive and kicking, and thank you so much for your hard work, determination and ingenuity.

Best wishes
Will Fielding

me four! LONG time atv1 cb user, find it the best platform, just works! brilliant work sam, was a great installer too. please keep going

there are LOTS of guys in ireland patiently waiting for it, i know a lot of them

yes please sam keep going please

Also waiting patiently for OSMC on aTV1.

Trying the new openelec now. I still can’t figure out how the remote is set up with OE. It does not work like I’m used to with crystalbuntu, so I can’t even get by the welcome-screen after installing, without hooking up a keyboard. Keypresses on the remote either does nothing, or something completely unexpected. Always works “out of the box” with crystalbuntu, never works on OE. Has been the same with all of my atvs.

Just after a quick try, I seem to be getting a bit of frame drops. On playback start on some files, the sound is out of sync, but as suggested somewhere, i skip back and it gets corrected. However I get an errormessage saying the cache is full and so on. Also subs are some times(?) set to off on startup, which is supposed to help with something?

One video I tried just gives me a play icon and the file name in the top right corner of the screen, and no video. Almost like its playing in the background? If I try to play it again, the system seems to hang/crash and I have to hard reboot.

When skipping ahead on some files, the video never gets going again.

Right now after just a tiny test, I don’t see a huge improvement over my cb2 with isengard. The out of sync audio at playback start and subs default off and remote not working makes me not want to switch from my current cb2-install. Kind of makes me want OSMC on the atv again :slight_smile:

I think maybe the atv I’m testing on has the crystalhd 12 and not 15 card, so that might make a small difference.

hi man. yeah id definitely check and replace with the 15 card, much better.