How to update to official kodi 18.1?

Hey guys,

How can I update my vero 4ks to the new official kodi 18.1 software? Is there a guide for a newbie like me?

Greetings and thank you.

The best way is to wait until it’s made available unless you would like to use the test builds.

It should be available soon.

Thanks for ur quick answer. What exactly do u mean with made available? I checked the kodi page and they were talking about official release client. Thought that was the stable release?

Or will my vero then update automatically to newest kodi built?

Thanks again

As soon as the OSMC release build with Kodi 18.1 is ready, you will get updated automatically.

In the future, please use the search feature of the forum. You would have found this out in seconds as there have been plenty of other people ask the exact same question.

Thank u for ur help.

That’s a fair point with the search. Actually I did search before posting for “kodi”, sadly the first 30 results show nothing regarding my topic, only one post was about kodi 18, but regarding test builts.

I will try next time to search for more detailed term then, maybe “kodi 18” would have helped me.

Thanks anyway